About Jonathan Pang

“I am the same friendly photographer as the first day I started out this journey.”
What's your favourite part of being a wedding photographer?

Wedding is a very special and exclusive occasion to both the wedding couples and their invited guests. As a wedding photographer, I cannot help but to feel the privilege to be entrusted and invited to be part of the celebration for their marriage.

How did you get your start in wedding photography?

I had not discovered my passion in photography until I bought my first Canon DSLR in 2007. Even though I had been exposed to photography during my younger age back in high school, I was never interested. I self taught, loving fashion and landscape photography as part of my early works. However, for as much as I love to be a wedding photographer, I had very little in my portfolio to showcase to my potential clients. The struggle to secure a wedding had lasted for nearly a year. I thank my wife for the support and encouragement to pull me through the period of doubts. In mid 2009, I was given the very first opportunity to photograph a wedding with a reasonable pay cheque.
How much post-processing do you do to your wedding images?

In post-processing, only curves adjustments, levels, colour toning and white balance are the norms for me. I do not find it necessary to undertake any further steps.
Jonathan’s top tips for being a photographer
01 See deeply
Always be ready and prepared with keen eyes to see the real emotions behind the wedding.
02 Create comfort
Develop the ability to create a comforting environment for your subjects to react comfortably in front of your camera.
03 The gear
You must have a thorough understanding of all of your equipment, no matter what scenario you are presented with.
04 First time,
every time
You need to work as hard as possible to get the shots right in-camera, and not rely on the corrective abilities.
05 Time management
Be efficient and forward-moving throughout the day.
Part of your role is to help keep the wedding ticking along, so you must know the schedule inside out.
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